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A unique and memorable dining experience…

Revolve Restaurant was started in 2016 by Restauranteur David Mizrahi, David  started his career at a young age working in fast food restaurants and ventured in the real estate field always knowing he would one day pursue his dream of owning a restaurant.

In 2012 when the opportunity came up to buy a failing restaurant he purchased it and turned it around from a lacking 12 seat take-out to the current Eat A Pita with 50 seats. But that didn’t satisfy his complex pallet, with David’s passion and expertise for Yummy food he went on to renovate a 19th century Brick building located right behind Eat A Pita from the ground up to what today is Revolve Restaurant, Revolve Restaurant is a 2 level rustic boutique Restaurant.

Our menu offers a variety of Ever changing chefs’ specials as well as the classic Appetizers, Steaks, Chicken dishes, ranging from Tuna Tartar to the all-time favorite “Rubin Tostada”.

We also serve up classic dishes such as Lamb Riblets, Prime Beef Tartar and Sous Vide Brisket, Rib Eye, Tomahawk Steak as well as delicious Half Kosher Chicken Chicken Breast and fresh Salads for a healthy choice. And top it off with our signature palate-cleansing dessert menu which includes Mexican Churros, Oreo “Cheese Cake”, Apple Pecan Cinnamon Buns, and Halva Parfait to name a few.

David’s philosophy is simple, with good food & good service in a unique setting you will not find anywhere in the kosher dining world we see why Revolve is the hottest kosher dining establishment in town Revolve is open Sunday -Thursday evenings. our on site Party room can accommodate up to 35 people for any occasion. We also do off site catering of all sizes for all functions of course with the Revolve twist.

We look forward to serving you soon.


Meet our new chef Ben Deutsch

Deutsch, who lives in Jersey City, by way of Hillsborough,
with some stops at some Michelin star restaurants in California and then returning to his home state Of New Jersey,
began crossing things off. Liver, Tongue, Tostadas? Check. Churros, Oat ice cream? Check.

Deutsch is 31, has a close-cropped beard and thick-rimmed glasses. At 6-foot-6,
he barely makes it under one door lintel in the kitchen. He’s a gentle giant, though,
staying calm even though the ticket printer has suddenly sprung to life with orders.

He rarely loses sight of the fact that being a chef has been his dream since he would come home from school and put on the “Great Chefs” series on the Discovery Channel. There seemed something glamorous, he would recall years later, about watching these amazing, famous chefs cook exotic foods in exotic locales.

And besides, he says he could have never have spent eight hours a day behind a desk.

Long before he ever made bananas foster, his family fostered his dream — especially his grandfather. The optometrist from Brooklyn would roll up his sleeves and get messy with Ben in the kitchen. And when he died, he left his grandson just about enough money to go to the Culinary Institute of America after graduating from Hillsborough High School.

Deutsch may produce delicious dishes — i.e. the “Tongue Carpaccio Borscht” item on the menu is a mix of Pickled Tongue, Salt Roasted Beets, And pickled Mustard Seed — but you’ll never catch him feeling satisfied with his work. OK, there was the one-time RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan who loved his lemon torte so much that he brought Deutsch out to take a picture with him. That was cool.
Otherwise, he is humble and almost always uses self-deprecating humor when talking about himself. He remains a student of cooking, and his cookbook collection, which numbers more than 200, can attest to that.

“At this point in my career, I’m only starting to understand how to make the dishes properly, what makes a great dish, what makes a memorable dish and not letting your imagination run wild and make only what you want to eat versus what others enjoy,” Deutsch said. “I’m just starting to scratch the surface of that dynamic.”

Owner David Mizrahi looks forward to the times when his chef approaches him with something he wants to add to the menu.

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